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Personal Care Assistant (PCA)

My Brothers' Keeper has experienced PCA's available who are skilled at caring for multi-handicapped individuals both young and old. PCA's have a variety of responsibilities to the client and the family. Some of these responsibilities include, but not limited to, assisting in daily personal care and hygiene, plan and prepare meals, and transfers. They also accompany or transport adult clients to medical appointments and therapeutics. Lastly, they ensure both a healthy and safe environment in both the home and community.

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How It Works

We receive referrals from a variety of sources, including different counties in Minnesota, existing clients, and through our website. After a referral is made, an assessment is completed by a Public Health Nurse. The RN trains and supervises an appropriate PCA to implement the individual client's care plan. Services are then funded through medical assistance from the state of Minnesota. If you'd like to place a referral, call us at (877) 496-0157.

Waivered Services

My Brothers' Keeper also offers assistance to families seeking a home site through the Foster Care or Waivered Service Program. Through this program, the caregiver assists with daily care, personal hygiene, and medications. They also assist in the development and implementation of behavior programs. The direct support staff establishes and works on goals for the client that will allow him or her to better care for him or herself and achieve skills via leisure activities. They assist with nutrition management, including menu planning, grocery shopping, food procedure, and meal preparation. Lastly, they assist or oversee laundry and light housekeeping for learning independent living skills.