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Cultivating Independent Living Skills (ILS)

The ultimate goal for our clients, is to assist them in achieving a more independent life. My Brothers' Keeper, located in Shakopee, Minnesota, currently operates one community residential home setting for residents who are developmentally disabled and three community residential home settings for residents with mental illnesses. We often have openings for new clients due to the success of our clients reaching their goals. Please call the office for availability.

ILS Services

As an ILS provider, we help our care-receivers develop, maintain, and improve their community living skills. ILS training is direct training through programs to increase the care-receiver's independence on the identified skills in the Coordinated Service Plan. Areas that cover ILS services are listed below:

Time Management and Organization | Community Orientation | Household Management | Interpersonal Relationships | Problem Solving | Medications and Medical Services | Nutrition, Cooking, and Meal Planning | Personal Health

House Features

All residents are offered all the standard amenities to help improve independent living skills. Each person has a private bedroom and shares common areas, including a living room, kitchen, and leisure areas. All houses are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure a safe and friendly environment. Each home has a van available for the transportation of residents to medical and dental appointments and group activities.